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the bushman susurrus

stories of struggle stories of hope

by henrik jonathan klijn

chapters 1-7



Based on a true story set in Johannesburg, South Africa, between 1987 and 1989,

a time of tremendous upheaval as the

city, and country, descended into

Gehenna—hell—with no guarantee

that anyone will get out alive. 

Part memoir, part true novel, and part narrative non-fiction, Gehennasburg is a loose retelling of the Elektra myth. 


Xhosa Nostra

At the end of the 90', at the end of Apartheid, a group of people are unprepared for what comes next, they never meet but their lives intersect, with tragic consequences.



A one-woman play/musical about the life of jazz icon
and freedom fighter, Miriam Makeba, who shot to
fame with her world-wide hit, Pata Pata. 

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