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Title: For we are not who we are told we are, if we are not told, Are we?
Medium: Two colour combination lithograph and gravure print
Paper size: 13" x 19.5"

Image size: 9.5" x 16.5"

Edition size: 10

Price: $690


Notes on source material Peculiar Modern Behaviour, or, don't go away, it gets better

Titles are paraphrased extracts from Blonde, a fictional biography of Marilyn Monroe by Joyce Carol Oates (2000, Fourth Estate) and document content from an FBI dossier on Marilyn Monroe.

Photolitho elements are extracts from FBI dossier on Marilyn Monroe as well as an extract from her autopsy report, 1962.

Police photographs, publicity stills of Marilyn Monro etc credited to documentary The Final Days (dir. Patty Ivins, 2001)

Additional elements all produced as video grabs shot on mini DVD off screen and printed out either as stacastic or laser prints on film.

Sources listed below under specific print titles.


Policeman wheels Marilyn Monroe's shrouded body from her house

1962 Publicity shot of Marilyn Monroe in the sea from The Final Days (dir. Patty Ivins, 2001)
Face with camera: Carl Boehm as Mark Lewis in Peeping Tom (dir. Michael Powell, 1959)
Suit and tie: Richard Widmark as Jed Towers from Don't Bother to Knock (dir. Roy Baker, 1952)

Kathryn Smith / For we are not who we are told we are

  • Kathryn Smith is a conceptual artist who works in a variety of media. Smith can be described as a performance artist, photographer, cultural agitator and manipulator of computer and video media to create her multi-layered artworks. Her interest in forensic pathology and psychology led to the creation of these prints which offer strong social commentary to those who wish to delve beyond the surface veneer of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe.