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Title: Two Doves in a Valley
Medium: Two colour lithograph

Size: 15" x 19.5"

Edition size: 40

Price: $475

Ditiro Makwena / Two Doves in a Valley

  • Ditiro Makwena is a tall young man who has found a refuge at the Kuru Art Project in Botswana. Ditiro Makwena is different from most of the Kuru Artists in that he was raised in a settled village community with schools, shops and modern transport part of his everyday reality. This is reflected in his work that looks at the contemporary world from an outsider's perspective.


    Although he has lived in a San community for much of his life and speaks the language fluently, Makwena comes from a Tswana family who moved to the Ghanzi district from the eastern side of the country when his father was transferred there by work. Before he went to school, his father gave him a pencil and exercise book and encouraged him to draw, Makwena enjoyed making drawings of all things that came to his mind. He finished school at the Kabakae primary school in Ghanzi.

    When his mother left them, his father remarried a San woman in D'kar. Makwena stayed on with his stepmother and her people when his father died. Thus the work that he produces meshes stylistically with that of the other artists in the project but at the same time differs in regard to his subject matter. Vehicles (both road and airborne) fascinate him and he is keenly aware of the buildings that he passes during his travels. His vision is one that reflects his sense of alienation and belonging. Being somewhat alien to the culture that has nurtured him and at the same time not being a part of the culture that runs through his blood. His fine use of line and detail manage to communicate this dual sense of being.

    Ditiro Makwena joined the Kuru Art Project in January 2005, where he has access to materials, technical assistance and is able to interact with other artists. He feels that all this is giving new purpose and meaning to his life. He also likes to use words and sentences in his artwork that adds an expressive quality to his work.