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Title: Chalice
Medium: Single run chine collé  lithograph
Paper size: 13" x 16"
Image size: 9.5" x 13"
Edition size: 20
Price: $825

Deborah Bell / Chalice

  • Deborah Bell works intensely, submerging herself in the process as she engages with the alchemy of ink, paper, pencils charcoal and tusche. Out of the ink splashes on the floor and charcoal dust on her face and hands emerge images of sublime harmony and strength.


    Her female figures are the calm centre of a metaphysical chaos. From randomness, order calmly takes shape, creating a sense of balance seen in the three large prints.


    Bell studied at the University of the Witwatersrand where she received her BFA and then MFA in 1986. Since then she has exhibited extensively both locally and internationally. Her work is in many prestigious local and international collections including MOMA (USA), The National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Hara Museum (Tokyo) and the SA National Gallery in Cape Town.


    Bell works in a variety of media from animations that she collaborated on with Robert Hodgins and William Kentridge, to hand-built clay sculptures and bronzes to works on paper and painting.


    Bell’s conceptual concerns refer to classical history, mysticism, goddess imagery and her place in ancient and contemporary Africa and the connections between the two. She works intuitively and the meaning of the work will often only reveal itself to her over time. This allows the viewer to respond to the work on their own terms.


    Bell's work evokes a strong connection to archetypes that transcend language and cultural barriers.