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Title: Grounded
Medium: Single colour lithograph
Size: 22" x 30"
Edition size: 40
Price: $560

John Moore / Grounded

  • John Moore is a wildlife artist who has been working primarily in print since 1992. He was exposed to animals from an early age as a result of his father being a vet and remembers many journeys taken through Southern Africa, from the deserts of Namibia to the forests of KwaZulu Natal.

    Moore's love and knowledge of wildlife are depicted in all his work, whether in the image of a baboon with a halo or in one of whales drifting through the air.

    At the beginning of his career, John Moore focused on Southern African myths and legends, mainly selecting those of the Khoisan and Zulu tribal groups. He looks upon these people as the fathers of the land and focused on their connection to the fauna, flora and the spirits of the ancestors. He incorporated water into many of his works, symbolising rebirth and cleansing.

    Moore's work then developed through portraying environmental concerns and become more conceptual. The jackass penguin and oil spills, as well as acid rain and the effects it has on the environment,  are examples of the exploration of this topic. For a while, he also concentrated on the plight of endangered animals. He endeavoured to sensitise the viewers to the fragility of the natural world around us.

    John Moore still takes frequent trips into the bush and this interaction with nature is his source of inspiration.

    Moore specialises in woodblock and lithographs, ranging in size from 20 x 30 cm to 2 x 3 m. He is a printmaker who uses established traditional techniques.

    More recently he has focused on the spiritual aspects of life. He has created a 'Muse Series' using South African antelope interacting with Greek Mythological beings. He uses the element of light to portray spiritual awakening, almost as if the animals have a message to give to the viewer. He often portrays animals with halos, highlighting their saintliness. He uses vibrant colours in his work to portray emotions and to instil a sense of the energy that is Africa.

    Although he has a great affinity for big game, he uses many of the lesser-known creatures to highlight his message. The titles Moore chooses are created to invite the viewer to step into the work and gain an understanding of the images. They are found in lines of poetry, books or songs as well as from ideas that spring to mind as the work progresses. Occasionally the title inspires the work.