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The works depicting police brutality titled Black Lives Matter and We Can’t Breathe illustrates the depth of a problem involving police that exists in South Africa. The Marikana massacre which took place between the 16th of August was the single most lethal use of force by South African security forces against civilians since 1960. The shootings have been compared to the Sharpeville massacre in 1960. The incident also took place on the 25-year anniversary of a nationwide South African miners' strike. Controversy emerged after it was discovered that most of the victims were shot in the back, and many victims were shot far from police lines. The strike is considered a seminal event in modern South African history, and was followed by similar strikes at other mines across South Africa events which collectively made 2012 the most protest-filled year in the country since the end of apartheid. Marikana roused the slumbering concerns of South Africa’s once prominent human rights organisations. It was as if the mist of the utopia promised in 1994 was blasted clear by the automatic rifles of the paramilitary police units on that autumn afternoon..


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AYANDA MABULU / We Can't Breathe

  • Ayanda Mabulu, is the enfant terrible of South African art and the most controversial yet most talented artists in South Africa, with an unflinching criticism of the current regime, and the inherent challenges faced by those who are subject to discrimination. Aya has been internationally exhibited and is credited with being one of the most important artists in the wave of South African artists who are collected in the lucrative Chinese market.