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The third in the trilogy of Black Lives Matter works, this version deals with escape, the need for intervension and the tragic death of the Yakhal'inkhomo, a subject which Ayanda Mabulu keeps coming back to.


Ayanda is the enfant terrible of South African art and the most controversial yet most talented artists in South Africa, with an unflinching criticism of the current regime, and the inherent challenges faced by those who are subject to discrimination. Aya has been internationally exhibited and is credited with being one of the most important artists in the wave of South African artists who are collected in the lucrative Chinese market.


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AYANDA MABULU / Blak Lives Matter

  • “If you look at how the government treats people on the ground and how mineworkers in Marikana were treated, you will realise that they are the ones who are victims of the Willie Lynch venom. As a black man, I value the lives of black men, women and children. Willie Lynch made it a point that slave owners hung one slave in front of the others in order to discourage any ideas of rebellion. This is what happened in Marikana where the mineworkers were treated in such a fashion. We are being dehumanised at the hands of the police and the state. It is important for me to raise these issues because I love my people. I will continue to do so, for as long as I have my brain and these hands to paint the truth.”