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The world desperately needs artists and satirists to expose the hypocrisy of its leaders. South Africa is now more unequal than it was under Apartheid, such that two rich men have the same wealth as 50% of the entire population, and yet instead of focusing on addressing this, many of its leaders are black billionaires, preoccupied with personal self-enrichment. And  artists such as Ayanda Mabulu or Brett Murray have used satire to criticise the corruption of our leaders, they are warned not to insult the dignity of the president or his comrades.


Ayanda Mabulu on Nelson Mandela: "The leaders are enriching themselves and are overcome by lust of material gain, greed, and are creating an economic gap that has left black people of this country destitute and starving in the townships. It's also about the economy being in the hands of a few and that the people represented by Nelson Mandela are living in unfavourable conditions,"


The Lucky Star series features Nelson Mandela with the caption, “Sold Out” and this piece is titled, Dignified Bastard. The words reflect the growing resentment among the poor that they have been betrayed by ANC leadership and that leaders like Mandela negotiated their futures away. But the anger at the old guard has to be seen in context of the betrayal they feel by President Zuma.


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AYANDA MABULU / Lucky Star: Yellow (Mandela)

  • Ayanda Mabulu, is the enfant terrible of South African art and the most controversial yet most talented artists in South Africa, with an unflinching criticism of the current regime, and the inherent challenges faced by those who are subject to discrimination. Aya has been internationally exhibited and is credited with being one of the most important artists in the wave of South African artists who are collected in the lucrative Chinese market.