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The Ayanda Mabulu Collection.

Born 1981, King William’s Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa

Ayanda Mabulu paints the undocumented lives of the anonymous masses of under-represented South Africans. His uncompromising mixed-media paintings narrate the extremes of a society rife with disparities. A self-taught poet and painter, he tells stories laced with symbolism of racism, poverty and corruption of power in the hope of effecting radical societal change. The overt expression that frames Mabulu’s work further clarifies his intention to telling his raw and no-holds-barred truth. The inhabitants of the paintings play out violent and ghastly scenes alongside the appended phonetic textual elements that tend to sharpen the lashing dialect of the work.

Stefani Longshamp

Ayanda Mabulu, is the enfant terrible of South African art. He is controversial and talented and delivers unflinching criticism of the current regime. Mabulu also comments on  the challenges faced by those who are subject to discrimination.

Aya has been internationally exhibited and is one of the South African wave of artists commenting on the political and economic challenges that face the country.

Max Reinert
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