Born 1977, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa

Khayalethu Witbooi uses a combination of stenciling and oil painting to express his observations, usually of socio-political nature. The result is edgy and urban with an African relevance. 

After matriculating in 1995 he did a college course in draughtmanship and started working as an illustrator for an architectural firm while doing freelance court sketches and cartoons for a newspaper in Cape Town. Khaya was homeless when he sold his first work to a Cape Town gallery.

The Khaya Witbooi collection.


Khayalethu Witbooi combines stencils, graffiti and layering with wit and a lightness of touch to create some of the most sought after art pieces we carry.  Witbooi delivers powerful commentary on rampant commercialism and its effects on Africa.

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