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Born 1984, KwaChirumanzu, Mvuma, Zimbabwe 

Lives in Cape Town, South Africa 

Ronald Muchatuta uses his experiences as an immigrant from Zimbabwe to create visually stunning statements on xenophobia, identity and double standards applied to otherness. Muchatuta presents a powerful body of work titled, The African Immigration Series. The deliberately compact paintings focus on acts of xenophobia or what he describes as 'tribalism' that sees African immigrants killed in multiple attacks each year. 

The Ronald Muchatuta Collection.

Stefani Longshamp

Ronald Muchatuta's  powerful body of work titled, The African Immigration Series consists of  deliberately compact paintings. They focus on acts of xenophobia or what he describes as 'tribalism' that sees many African immigrants killed in attacks each year. The artworks play with the image of the carrier bag often referred to as the 'China bag' – a common item for those crossing borders worldwide. It is often the carrier bag, which contains everything the immigrants own. In essence, their entire life fits into the carrier and in comes to represent the sum of what the person is worth by capitalist standards. The paintings boldly use the colours of the bag in red, white and blue, and weave their lines and patterns into the human form. “I wanted to push creativity without being overtly graphic in the display of violence, so I started playing with the lines of the bag.” 

Max Reinert
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